Portrait of the Past
Robert Kaliban, William Griffis, Carol Teitel, Bernard Grant

A jeweler's curiosity about a mysterious coat of arms on an old piece of jewelry leads him into a mystery involving his uncle and an 18-year-old girl, the latter of whom died without explanation some 50 years ago.

The Twelfth Juror
Marian Seldes, Lloyd Battista, Mandel Kramer, Joan Shay

A wealthy woman scorned kills her married lover when he tries to end their affair. She manages to get her employee to take the rap when she threatens to blackmail him. She is able to line up all the her ducks in a row except one of the twelve jurors who can't be controlled.

The Magic Dust
Tony Roberts, Arnold Moss, Evie Juster

A metalurgist researches a mysterious powder that does incredible things to metal. The secret of how to use the dust rests with his old college professor who promises bad things will happen if he uses this ancient secret. Industrialists go to extreme measures to try and convince the anthropologist to reveal this valuable tribal formula.

Diamond Dotty
Teri Keane, Carol Teitel, Earl Hammond, Bernard Grant

A distraught, frightened woman arrives in a western frontier town in the 1880s confessing to the murders of two fugitives who killed her husband in an attempt to hijack their diamond mine.

The Smile
Tony Roberts, Marian Seldes, Fred Gwynne

A reporter who has returned from an assignment in Tibet calls on his estranged wife when he can't escape a smile-shaped cloud formation he sees in the sky. He is certain this being is going to kill him.

The Reigate Mystery
Gordon Gould, William Griffis, Lloyd Battista, Ray Owens

Sherlock Holmes, recovering from nervous exhaustion, is called upon to solve two similar burglaries that result in the murder of a most unlikely person.


The Goddess of Death
Diana Kirkwood, Mandel Kramer, Robert Dryden

A moody painter finds the perfect model for his painting of Aphrodite. She has a profound affect on the artists who paint her likeness. Is she perfect because she is a real goddess?


The Last Plan
Elspeth Eric, Paul Hecht, Bernard Grant, Mia Dillon

An eccentric older woman acts as a mediator to a squabbling young neighbor couple, each of whom is convinced one is out to get the other. She hires a hitman to watch the couple and assure that if one kills the other, both end up dead. But is her mediating meant to make the couple's problems go away, or just make the couple go away?

The Boatman and the Devil
Alexander Scourby, Russell Horton, Earl Hammond, Marian Seldes

The boatman who transports Russian exiles to Siberia tries to convince a young man to serve out his sentence dilligently and not try to bring his family to pass the time with him in the Russian wilderness of Siberia.